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Creating Your Energy Field LIVE

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You’re invited to learn how to clear, shift, and manifest your wanted experiences this monumental New Year of 2020! Now more than ever, we are moving into an era of 5D reality. Human beings are energetic satellites, picking up information from many layers of energetic influence. This class is a catalyst for tapping into the seed of your potential and developing your own way of working with your energy field. I invite you to create your energy field, show up in fulfillment of your life’s purpose, and become a master of your experience here on Earth.

In this course, you will learn 20 important tools to ground, clear, shift and maintain stability in your energy field. You will also learn how to clear and activate the energy in a space. These essential techniques are visual, physical, verbal and intuitive.

After having studied with a number of mentors throughout the years and learning how to navigate my own life experience energetically, I am offering you the most essential tools that will be a game changer in helping you to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE your life experience, witness your inner and outer life evolve into YOUR VISION, and challenge yourself to SHOW UP IN YOUR POWER.

Part 1 of the course covers:

  • Energy field orientation
  • Techniques for grounding, clearing and connecting to your Source
  • Partner exercises to help you develop your intuition
  • Learning how to discern which energies you are under the influence of
  • Setting the energetic stage in your environment

In Part 2 of this class, we will jump into the creative aspects of manifestation. We will be covering:

  • The ABCDEFs of an “Ask”
  • Creating a manifestation vortex
  • Several guided visualizations to enhance the details of your creative abilities
  • Working with energetic timelines and potentials

This class is for you, if you:
– Are ready to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness
– Get easily overwhelmed, stressed out or exhausted around other people
– Identify as an Empath
– Are a healthcare practitioner, including doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, therapists, life coaches and personal trainers
– Have problems with chronic or acute flairs of fibromyalgia, emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression, or PTSD.

You will need a notebook and pen, yoga mat or blanket and cushion to sit on. Seating is also available. Light snacks and beverages will be provided. Please arrive 20 minutes early for registration.

After the class, I will give you a code to receive UNLIMITED ACCESS to the content ONLINE at, where you can review the exercises we covered and enrich your experience with journaling exercises. Working with this content is self-paced. You are also welcome to set up a personal session with me to cater these skills to your specific needs.

Part 1 – January 12th & 18th – 1- 3 PM
Part 2 – January 19th & 26th – 1- 3 PM

805 S Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305

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